What is graypawn?

Graypawn is the pen name for creative work produced by A. D. Henderson, that's me.  A circuitous dreamer and pulp fiction wizard intent on adding more beautiful chaos to the world of shared imagined spaces.  By day i'm doing graphic design and project management.  By night i'm fighting evil with my glyph-spelled Nerf guns, or seeking adventure on whatever horizon my dreams and dice can conjure.

"Graypawn"  means i don't belong to either side of the board.  But i do feel a kinship with all the pieces, and find myself hoping to broker peace and greater understanding between both sides.  I'm a Social Justice Cleric, because i'm a Cis-Het-White guy, and that means i do better serving rather than doing on that front.  But for all other conflicts i stand, most often, in the middle, doing my best to understand both sides.  I remain a Pawn because i seek to keep a straight and narrow path, and strive to serve first.

Why does graypawn make games?  Because i love, love, love to pretend i'm a Jedi, a two-fisted science action hero, or a robo-suit clad space gunslinger.  I love magic, starships, strange trees, mysty mountains, cyborgs, dragons, superheroes and old ruins.  I love to imagine breathtaking places, and i love to release all the different versions of me through dreamt up places.  Storygames are an amazing way to play pretend, and that's where i've learned a great deal about who i am.