Ammo Basic
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Ammo:  Basic is the generic guideline for building a hack of Ammo.

Status:  Theory

This version of Ammo is the beta, and is considered Engineering phase; currently on sale as the design has been taken back to the Theory stage.

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Ammo: The RPG

Ammo is a single-shot game aimed at telling one type of story. You pretend to be a character whose world has just been plunged into war against an enemy only you and a handful of others are intimately familiar with.  The game begins with a scene dedicated to showing how cool you are.  Then a scene where everyone playing the game comes together and meets each other (maybe for the first time, maybe just like normal).  Then the bad guys strike! You fight them with your guns, and the rest of the game goes from there.  When you fight the bad guys with your guns you’ll get more/other types of Ammo to use, which might be normal or supernormal.  You might even get other guns.  But eventually you’ll come to the Big Bad Guy, or you’ll get captured and taken before the Big Bad Guy.  Then you’ll have the Final Fight, wherein we find out the Ending for this story.

Rating:  Engineering Stage
Ammo is currently under construction, so the document available for download here is not the final 'true' version, it's just a preview of a generic version.  The original game - which is… playable, i guess - has been taken down already because i (foolishly?) thought i could do more with the game than what it already was.  The result of this ego-mutiny is that i'm now kicking it around and wondering what could happen next with it, and growing more dissatisfied with the game as-is, and probably more maniacally convinced it could 'be something.'

Ammo Basic Character Sheet

This is the character sheet for a game of Ammo:  Basic

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If you, however, want to be convinced that Ammo is a for-reals game, with actual good ideas, i suggest giving this version a spin, and just fix it as you fly.  If i ever come to a conclusion about how to properly engineer some of the issues i have with the original design, i'll update that here.  Until then, stay frosty, and don't let the badguys win.