Callico Skies
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Callico Skies

Callico Skies is an imagination exercise heavily influenced by Murderous Ghosts by D. Vincent Baker, Ribbon Drive by Avery McDaldno, and Beloved by Ben Lehman.  The game is originally a gift for my friend and co-conspirator, Tony Dowler.
The game is about listening to a specific playlist and imagining what you see as you drive your classic starcruiser through space on a musically conjured journey.

What You Need To Play

  • A copy of the Game printed out or as a PDF
  • A Deck of Cards
  • One hour and 15 Min
Callico Skies Character Sheet

An accessory for Callico Skies:  this form-fillable PDF is a stand-alone Starlog for any player touring the galaxy in their own Rig.

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