Treehouse Dreams

Treehouse Dreams
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I learned a long time ago that dreaming about a Treehouse is much easier than building a Treehouse.  This game is an attempt to revel in that ambition.

I also learned a long time ago that the junk piled on someone's desk, the bits they keep in shoeboxes, the brands of soap and how they fold their underpants, are all clues to the complexity of who they are.  Insights that, by being trivial, become priceless.  The treasures and trophies that fill a Treehouse - especially one dreamed up - are keys to understanding someone.

Treehouse Dreams is a game about imagining a giant, awesome treehouse that is custom built for the people you're playing the game with.  The treehouse is imaginary, and the purpose of dreaming about it is to share elements of who you are with the other players.  Treehouse Dreams is a game about strengthening and affirming your friendships.

Choose Your Blueprints

There are two versions of Treehouse Dreams.

The five-dollar version, Treehouse Dreams Lite, is a single 11"x17" (Tabloid) sized, double-sided piece of paper - you can buy this version as a PDF download and print as many as you'd like.  It uses a deck of cards and a series of oracles to help you construct your imaginary Treehouse, including all the questions and exercises you'd get in the ten-dollar deck version.

The ten-dollar deck version is a custom designed deck of cards featuring all the different ideas in the original game, only printed and organized for your convenience.  This makes it much easier to keep track of what's going on as you organize the deck into the blueprints for your Treehouse.

You can purchase hard copies of the deck at these two Print-On-Demand sites:

Get the cards at The Game Crafter

Get both versions at DriveThru Cards (Lite version coming soon)